GeoLocation Technology

For regulatory compliance in the US iGaming market

Powerful Features
Bringing choice & flexibility to the iGaming space
Fraud Detection & Prevention
Detect and circumvent cases of fraud, false data, spoofing and device tampering.
Player Insights & Experience
Better understand your players and improve their user journey.
User Data Access
We provide all system generated data points so you can use them to improve your service.
A New Generation of Online Gaming Compliance
By choosing Xpoint you are choosing a true partner that wants to innovate and grow your business as much as you do. Our offering is second to none in the US iGaming geolocation space.
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Fraud Prevention
We deliver a best-in-class toolset for verifying and validating locations, connections and device information


Xpoint has leveraged years of experience in geolocation technology to exceed standards for regulatory compliance in the US iGaming space. Our geofence technology supports all use cases including on-premise betting enablement or venue specific restrictions.


Xpoint is built with your requirements as a priority. Our secure platform is designed for easy integration with any partner systems. The Xpoint API can facilitate push, pull or direct integrations.

Checks & Detection

Xpoint runs checks across all data types to ensure regulatory compliance and to flag potential fraud before it happens. Our systems detect application spoofing, device tampering, false data and prohibited tools. We are continually evolving to keep our partners ahead of fraudulent practices in the market.
Why Xpoint?

Delivering tomorrow’s solution today

Flexible Rulesets
Xpoint develops specific rulesets that improve platform efficiency
User Growth
The platform includes new-to-market features that drive player acquisition and retention
KYC Solution
Xpoint partners with a market leading KYC solution
Xpoint is Available for all device types…

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